2020 and 75 years of liberation: two months of school performances

2020 Is a very special year in Dutch history. It will be 75 years ago that Holland is liberated from Nazi occupation during the shoah (WWII). The Klezmer Society will be actively involved in telling this story, over and over again, to Dutch school children. We use our klezmer music and the books of Bert's mother Ida Vos, to let the children feel and being engaged in the story. The story we tell, is our own personal story. We also find it important to share our vibrant music, happy and danceing music as a part of the permorance is inevitable to us. Jewish culture is not a thing of the past and our history reaches further than only the shoah. We want children to know that Jewish culture is alive, and music is a very important part of this. 

We are very happy that so many schools are interested in hearing this in the upcoming year. We thank Maror for their generous subsidies to make this happen again. Thousands of children are waiting for us!

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